Thursday, 28 June 2012

Nixie Stardust

Story telling is one of the key aspects of our design process here at Nixie and we have been dying to relate the latest chapter...
It all started with Nicole's admiration for (read that as 'OBSESSION with') David Bowie and the shoulder detail on Rose's old '50's varsity jacket. 

David Bowie in a jumpsuit designed by Kansai Yamamoto, 1970s.

Shoulder detailing on Rose's old jacket.
Glam rock and '50's Americana don't at first glance fit together but once a large pinch of 'Nixie' was blended into the mix we were on a roll. 
Nixie as a brand is well known for it's use of vintage and heritage textiles and silks; many a 1940's and '50s silk scarf have been sacrificed for our past collections. This season we wanted to launch ourselves into the modernity with a space age concept.

Bowie's alter ego, 'Ziggy Stardust'.
We took Bowie’s alien harbinger of hope, Ziggy Stardust, as our muse and balanced a quirky, humorous aesthetic with the principles of high quality design and construction we are passionate about.
Nixie is committed to producing sustainable clothing so we chose to work with organic cotton and bamboo jerseys that drape beautifully, work with the body and are easy to wear and care for. We spent a lot of time choosing exactly the right mix of colours for the garments and even had to hand dye the grey fabric for our samples as we couldn't source exactly the right shade. We generated two glam slam colour ways; muted mink, baby pink and caterpillar green or space suit grey, nova pink and celestial turquoise. 

The eight piece collection is a space oddity of graphic form and colour. We are thrilled to be headed in a new direction with our brand. 

Ashes Trousers

Diamond Waistcoat

Lady Stardust Dress

Major Tom Dress (front & back)

Moonage Bomber

Rebel Skirt

Time Top

Ziggy Top
All pieces come in our two colour ways and will be available in ages 4 through to 12.


  1. Love it. Well done Team Nixie.

  2. We are raving into the joy fantastic with this one...glad you like it :)