Thursday, 14 June 2012

Organic Clothes

Organic, sustainable, eco-friendly, eco-fashion, ethical: I think we can all agree it’s easy to get lost among these myriad terms!

They are all related, and only few details make them distinct. Clothes are labeled organic when they are made without any chemical products or materials or if the raw materials are grown organically.

You can be assured that all Nixie’s garments will treat both the environment and your little ones skin with kindness; we use only organic cottons and heritage wools or silks in our garments.

Some colourful organic wool

Sustainability concerns conserving resources by re-using fabrics and clothes. The use of vintage fabrics is at the core of our design process; we match together the distinct patterns, colour ways and textures to create our unique garments.

All Nixie clothes offer you a range of green and eco-friendly clothes, with fabrics coming from reliable sources. We are not perfect but we endeavor to make responsible choices in all aspects of our business, we run a virtually paperless office and choose to stick with small and highly skilled producers here in Hackney.

Fashion cannot be luxurious if it is not sustainable, Nixie is proud to support that change!

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