Thursday, 2 August 2012

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Jamaica, a fi wi country

(Translation: Jamaica, our country)
Tribe Nixie is a mixed bunch; Creative Director Nicole Frobusch is a mix of Italian and German and Brand Director Rose is Jamaican/Irish, so we are lucky to have rich and eclectic heritage and influences to inspire us. Over the coming weekend Jamaicans all over the world will be celebrating 50 years of independence and this week we have been reflecting on the glories of this complex and much misunderstood island. 
This Golden Jubilee is all the more special to Rose as this year also marks the 50th anniversary of her mothers arrival in the UK from Jamaica or as it is affectionately know in Patois, Jamdung, JA, Jamrock or just simply, 'Backayard'.
We wanted to share with you some inspirations from the 'land of wood and water'.
The Jamaican coat of arms featuring an Arawak man and woman, pineapples, the English flag, the indigenous alligator and the inspirational Jamaican motto, 'Out of many, one people'.
Milk River Bath is a mineral spa in the South West corner of Clarendon Parish, Jamaica. Owned by the Government of Jamaica since its opening in 1794. Rose has precious memories of going there on weekends with her family to enjoy the scenery, the healing qualities of the waters & the famous, 'natural mystic' of the Jamaican countryside.
Old Harbour Bay in St. Catherine Parish. Rose's granddad Ernest Holt was a policeman there in his time & one of her many cousins owns a seafood restaurant near the bay, famous for it's lobster & fry or escovitch fish.
Old Harbour is famous for serving the best fry fish, bammy and festival on the island.
A still from the classic 1978 Jamaican film 'Rockers'

Nanny is a Jamaica national hero.
Grace Jones, one of Jamaica's most controversial daughters embodies the Jamaican spirit of independence, creativity, originality and just pure STYLE. 
Happy Jamaican Golden Jubilee to one and all, 'Out of many, ONE people'.

✭ One love, from Tribe Nixie ✭

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