Wednesday, 3 October 2012

✭Fashionable childhood. Children in fashion advertising✭

We went along to the truly imposing new Central St. Martins Campus in King's Cross last night to hear a talk given by visiting research fellow Annamari Vanska
The Grade II Granary Building itself is a marvel of Victorian steel and brickwork married with the lightweight materials of the modern age. Image via Central St. Martins Blog.
Annamari is a scholar of visual culture and has recently published a book based on her research; principally into the publication Vogue Bambini. The magazine was first published in 1974 and she used the entire back catalogue as the main focus for her exploration of the visual discourse of childhood.
Image Via Central St. Martins blog

Annamari's insights into the grand narrative of childhood innocence being visualised and commodified by the fashion and advertising industry were fascinating, they gave us much food for thought and will definitely inform the way we read the visual signifiers present in the images we look at and create.

One of the fabulous images recently created by super talented photographer Sonya Hurtado featuring Nixie Clothing Belle Dress (on child), Bauhaus Dress (foreground) and Petal collar Dress (background) available to buy soon from Miniwardrobe.

 ✭One love, from Tribe Nixie✭


  1. Very interesting. How can I get invited to this sort of thing? KSJ = NFI x

  2. I couldn't make it but glad it was good, sadly Vogue Bambini is a more commercial product than it was 10 years ago when photographers like Bruce Weber and Arthur Elgort used to work for it. Now other magazines are pushing the boundaries more.

  3. Suzanne - we just found out about it online and invited ourselves! Next time we hear of something interesting we'll make sure you come with X!
    Linda - One of the most enjoyable aspects of the talk was looking back over the early years of Vogue Bambini's work...