Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sonya Hurtado & Nixie...

We were all rather thrilled today when we discovered that Babiekins Magazine has used an image taken by our favorite photographer - the talented Sonya Hurtado - as the cover of their ninth issue.

What made it doubly thrilling was that the image features the Nixie Clothing Boho coat, one of our favorite pieces! 

We have worked with Sonya before; she shot our AW12/13 collection:

& we are excited to be working with her again on our SS13 campaign.

Sonya captures the separateness of the child's world. She doesn't objectify children in her work or present them as targets for our paternal instincts & desire to squeal over cuteness. Sonya's work allows us grown folks to glimpse a world we can never go back to, but remember with great fondness. 

We are lucky enough to live and work near Sonya and so a lovely reciprocal creative relationship has developed between us...can't wait for that Spring Summer shoot!

(All Photography by Sonya Hurtado - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED) 

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