Saturday, 2 June 2012

Notes on our 'Diamond Jubilee & 60 yrs of British fashion' contest

The Jubilee weekend is finally upon us and it looks like it is gonna be pretty special... we are hoping to catch a glimpse of the flotilla on the thames & are looking forward to the much anticipated Chatsworth Road street party...the Nixie Boutique will be open, pop to say hello if you are in the area...

We are also getting all revved up about our Pinterest contest, lots of lovely boards have been entered and competition is hotting up! We are running the contest till the 17th of June so there is still plenty of time to enter:

We have had some truly lush entries, here are a few highlights so far...

Diamond Jubilee 2012 Rose Keepsake from Zelda Burborough's board

Liberty Print dress with coronation hanky yoke by Arty and Bella from Zelda Burborogh's board.
Liberty Print Doc Martins and satchels from Susan Peart's board...bringing back fond memories of our glory days during the 1990's!

Bridget Anderson brought back some more '90's memories with this image of the 'casuals' from her board.

'Nu Rave' from Kathryn Mackinnon Cook's board.

Some gorgeous crochet hot pants sported by these two '70's nymphets from the board by Jane Willis.

The artful dodger has been a style inspiration for many an English eccentric, this is a still from the 1968 musical film, 'Oliver!' taken from Lydia O'Kafka's board.

A great big thank you to everyone who's participated, and to those who have not yet entered, there are three limited edition garments from our Nixie Vintage Cotton Collection up for grabs, so...


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